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What to Do – And What to Avoid – After a Devastating Breakup

How you deal with a breakup can make a big difference in being able to heal from it and move on. Breakups are devastating enough without unintentionally adding to the suffering afterward. How can you get past the breakup without creating more pain and scars? Use these strategies to rebuild your life: 1. Avoid chasing […]


What is Golden Milk and How Can It Strengthen Your Health?

Although golden milk is recently becoming more well-known in the USA, golden milk has been popular in many Asian countries for quite some time. It’s considered to be an ancient recipe, and you can see dramatic health benefits from drinking it. Learn more about this beneficial beverage: 1. What is golden milk? Golden milk is […]


Transform your Life by Giving More Time to Others

If you’re feeling pressed for time, give more of it away. Studies show that helping others makes us feel like we have more time for ourselves. In research done at The Wharton School, participants were divided into 2 groups. One group did tasks like writing to a sick child or tutoring at-risk students while the […]


Top 3 Brain-Boosting Spices

What do you think of when you’re considering which spices to add to your recipe? As you know, spices are tasty and easy to add to multiple dishes you cook at home, but it may come as a surprise to you to find out that some of them can also help your brain to work […]


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