May 2011

Why Hobbies are Important

Why Hobbies are Important You may believe that hobbies aren’t really necessary. After all, they do take time away from work and family. However, personal pursuits serve many important functions including helping keep you emotionally and mentally healthy. If you’ve been avoiding spending time doing activities you like to do, maybe it’s time to re-commit […]


The Path to Living a Simpler Life

The Path to Living a Simpler Life Have you experienced times when you felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and caught in an overly complicated life? Rest assured that others have also had those feelings. Because of this, a movement toward simpler living is growing, and you can start on it today! Living simply means different things […]


Staycations Taking Time Off to Stay Home

Staycations:  Taking Time Off to Stay Home Staycations were first discussed a few years ago when the economy grew shaky. Workers worried about keeping their jobs. Travel costs and gas prices increased. Although people had time off coming, they couldn’t afford the behemoth vacation expenses. Many just stayed home. Thus, staycations were invented. At first […]


Showcase Your Unpaid Work Experiences on Your Resume

Showcase Your Unpaid Work Experiences on Your Resume Are you looking for a job? Thinking about a career change? Want to just earn a little extra money? Reach deep to discover and articulate more of your skills and you can land the position of your dreams. Whatever your situation, you may find yourself wanting to […]


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