Today, I set goals I know I can reach

Each day, I ensure that I take good care of myself. One of the ways I do this is by setting goals so that I get what I want out of life. To keep my self-esteem thriving, I make these goals ambitious, but possible. When I set my sights high, I achieve great things. These […]


Today, I am resourceful and resilient

I am thankful for all of the experiences in my life. Whether I view them as positive or negative, each one offers opportunities for learning. Whatever today brings, I am confident that my resourcefulness and resilience can see me through it. In challenging situations, I am reminded of my own strengths. I bring so much […]


Today, and every day, I am dedicated to self-development

Each day, my life is filled with opportunity. I can choose to learn and grow in so many ways. What motivates me most, however, are opportunities to live my highest vision of myself. Therefore, today and every day, I am dedicated to self-development. My life is a path of endless growth. Because of this, I […]


My quest for excellence allows me to give my best

I am the first to acknowledge the importance of aiming for excellence in everything I do. I am naturally inclined to give my best in every situation, so excellence is always my goal. When I am at work, exhaustion and frustration can set in easily. At these times, it would be understandable if I did […]


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