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You Have the Power to Heal Your Shame

Power to Heal Your Shame Shame is a complex human emotion that we all experience at one time or another. You might feel shame because of something about your appearance, events related to your family, or even a lack of education. You might feel you're not worthy somehow. Shame shows itself in many forms. Even if you struggle greatly with managing your shame, trust in the knowledge that you can heal it. Consider the following methods to strengthen your emotional health and soothe your spirit: 1. Identify shame's presence. Because we tend to try to cover up that which embarrasses or demeans us, you'll probably need to do some personal confrontation of your own emotions. * Are there particular people in whose presence you feel embarrassed? If so, why? * Perhaps when you're in a specific type of situation, you notice that you tend to close down emotionally or feel numb. * Begin to take note of when your emotions are either stirred up or flat (which means you feel nothing at all). 2. Recognize you're "only as sick as your secrets." In the counseling profession, there is a saying: "We're only as sick as our secrets." This adage means that the things about ourselves that we keep to ourselves are the exact issues that we need to acknowledge and do something about. 3. Consider discussing your shame with someone you trust. Because shame can be a tough emotion to handle, it's helpful to have someone you can talk to about it. Whether it's a ...
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Yes You Can! Energize Your Life with Positive Thinking

Energize Your Life with Positive Thinking Have you ever really opened your mind to the valuable impact that positive thinking can have on your day-to-day life? When you develop a truly positive mindset, you set yourself up for a happier and more fulfilling life. With the stressful and hectic pace of our lives today, a more joyful existence is certain to be a welcome change! It might take some practice to change your negative thought patterns into positive ideas that serve you better, but you can do it! Apply these strategies now to invigorate your life every day: 1. Tell yourself you can do it. Sometimes, a simple thought that you repeat over and over again can get you through a grueling or challenging experience. "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it" is a great mantra to keep you striving for the excellence you desire. 2. Think of yourself as strong. When you're engaging in physical activity, think to yourself, "I am strong. I can do anything. I can finish this job because of my strength." 3. Write what's good about you. Even though it may feel a bit strange to do it, get a pen and paper and start listing your positive attributes. Do some bragging about yourself. 4. Acknowledge that you will do something. Rather than being disappointed about something you didn't do well, vow you'll work to achieve it in the future. Use the words, "I am." * Notice that you're not saying, "I'm going to try" ...
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Work With a Recruiter To Diversify Your Job Search

Work With a Recruiter To Diversify Your Job Search Keep your career on track by knowing how to work with a recruiter. These professionals are an additional resource you can use to succeed in a tight job market or to get sound advice anytime. General Guidelines For Working With Recruiters 1. Understand how recruiters operate. Recruiters are hired by companies to fill positions. They often work with their clients in some depth so they may have unique insights on how good a match a candidate is for any opening. 2. Focus on your best leads. Studies show that about 10 percent of job hunters find a new position through search firms. Use them as a supplement to other strategies like networking, social media and answering ads. 3. Gather personal references. Ask people in your field for recommendations on the top headhunters. Learn from their experiences. 4. Make cold calls. In some cases, you may need to find recruiters on your own. Check professional directories or search online. Call the appropriate staff person to present your qualifications and see if you can arrange a time to meet. 5. Flaunt yourself on social media. Most recruiters are active on LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. Make yourself visible, join relevant groups and offer help to others. 6. Treat recruiters like any potential employer. Regard contacts with search firms as seriously as you would any job interview. Dress professionally, do your research and rehearse your answers. 7. Tell the whole truth. Be candid with recruiters about your work history, ...
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Why Being Busy Can be Unproductive

Why Being Busy Can be Unproductive Busyness is practically a disease today. We all cram as much as we can into our seemingly limited time. Yet being busy isn't the same as getting things done. Haven't you had a day where you felt like you didn't have a minute to spare, yet you still felt like you didn't accomplish anything? Nearly everyone has. There are many reasons for this, but the most important is a failure to prioritize and focus on the tasks that will really make a difference. These are some of the common symptoms of busyness without productivity: * You're worried today about how busy you're going to be tomorrow. * You're annoyed that the people around you never seem to be as busy as you are. * You spend your evenings thinking about all the stuff you didn't get done today. * You can't pay attention during conversations because you're too busy thinking about all the things you have to get done. * You eat in your car. If that sounds like you, try these ideas to free up time in your life and get things done: 1. Prioritize. Decide what the most important tasks are to accomplish today. If you don't choose what you're going to do today, you're choosing to let the world decide your priorities for you. Dictate the direction of your day by making a decision before the day even starts. 2. Notice how you're wasting time. Many times, we intentionally avoid doing what we know we should ...
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Why Are You Angry?

As you go about your daily life, take notice of how you relate with your family, friends, and co-workers. What do you see - a kind, patient, caring person who goes out of her way to take other people's feelings into consideration? Or do you find that you often feel on edge, tense, in a hurry, or downright angry toward others? If the latter is the case, this article will help you focus on and clarify what you might be angry about. Once you identify what's making you mad, you can proceed to a solution. Consider these possible reasons for carrying around your anger: 1. You wish your life situation was different. Are you living the life you truly want to live? Have things turned out for you the way you always hoped or planned? Or are the specifics of your life astoundingly different and maybe even disappointing from what you want your life to truly be? * Make a plan today to change one thing that is important to you. Follow your plan. Then repeat, for just one thing at a time. 2. You're in an unhappy relationship. For whatever the reasons, the two of you aren't relating very well. Perhaps you argue frequently or you don't prefer the same things. You might have even "checked out" of the relationship emotionally. You're not quite sure how to change things so you simply get angry. * Allowing yourself to honestly confront the truth will lead you to the life you seek. 3. You struggle to ...
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What Every Consumer Needs to Know About Their Pharmacist

What Every Consumer Needs to Know About Their Pharmacist Pharmacists provide knowledgeable, affordable and accessible health care services. In these days of skyrocketing medical costs and doctors who have limited time to spend with patients, it's good to know all that your pharmacist can do for you. Developing A Relationship With Your Pharmacist 1. Make your pharmacist part of your health care team. Think of your pharmacist as supplementing rather than replacing your doctor. They get more training in pharmacology than most physicians. Plus, consumers are giving them feedback all day long about real life experiences with the latest drugs. 2. Know the rules in your state. Laws vary from state to state as to what pharmacists are allowed to do. Still, more than 40 states now have some form of Collaborative Drug Therapy Management. This allows pharmacists and prescribers to work together on guidelines and protocols for initiating, modifying or continuing drug therapy for individual patients. 3. Fill your prescriptions at one source. The more your pharmacist knows about you, the better the care they can provide. If they know all the medications you're taking, they can spot potential interactions. 4. Be cautious about online pharmacies. Beware of rogue websites that may sell counterfeit drugs. Stick to legitimate pharmacies that are verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Manage Medications With Your Pharmacist 1. Discuss side effects and allergies. Keep your pharmacist up to date on all your medical conditions, treatment plans, and allergies. It could save your life. 2. Take your ...
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