Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders in the world.

sleeping in a hammock outdoors

sleeping in a hammock outdoors

Its often triggered by stressful or traumatic life events, such as a breakup, or even a global pandemic. In fact, a recent international study found very high rates of insomnia symptoms during the first wave of COVID-19 about twice as high as those typically reported in non-pandemic times. – Its actually quite normal to have some occasional nights that you dont sleep well but for someone with insomnia, they often have trouble sleeping, even when they are having enough opportunity to sleep or theyre in a quiet and comfortable environment.

People with insomnia can also develop unhelpful behaviours, such as going to bed too early or catastrophising about a poor nights sleep.

This can make it harder to fall asleep in the long run. Thats why some experts recommend psychological treatments like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia. – Compared to sleep medication or hypnotic medication, it is really as effective in the short-term and of course its much better in the longer term because it gives people the tools and skills to manage their own sleep. [Narrator] But even small habit changes can make a difference. – If you get up at around the same time, thats going to really help make your body clock or circadian rhythm more consistent over time.


Because our body clock is tuned by the light, the first ray of sunshine that gets into our eyes, that tunes our clock, and so if youre able to get bright light when you wake up first thing in the morning, that can be fantastic for tuning the clock.

Experts also advise spending less awake time in bed and avoiding sleep when youre feeling alert or agitated. These simple strategies may be the key to getting a good nights rest..

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